About Thirteen Sisters

From the Desk of the CFO (Chief Fashion Officer):

Once upon a time, there was a young gal that grew up with 12 fabulous sisters & one super fabulously fashionable mother. These girls grew up in a little town in Minnesota but had a love for high end, high fashion at reasonable northern Minnesota prices. That love, or addiction (as some may call it), grew & grew as the years went on.

As the tenth sister grew up, she had a vision of a career that would embrace her spunky, quirky, colorful style. She dreamt of the day when she could be her own boss & write off a new handbag to "research & development". Hence, Thirteen Sisters was born in 2004!

Very quickly, the Thirteen Sisters products grew in popularity. By July of 2005, demand drove us to open the first Thirteen Sisters Boutique in Greenbush, MN.

Today, Thirteen Sisters has expanded from handbags to include a luggage line, jewelry, accessories & gift items. All the items are picked especially to fit our fun, funky, & funktional criteria. Whether you shop here or stop by our boutique next time you're up in northern Minnesota, remember......act as if YOU have 13 sisters & don't be afraid to stand out!

XOXO Thirteen Sisters